Learn Advanced Wire Jewelry Making with Nicole Hanna

When it comes to wire jewelry making, there are only a few wire jewelry designers that I admire and look up to. One of them is Nicole Hanna.

Nicole discovered wire wrapping in 2007 while attending a local fair. She instantly fell in love with the versatility and intrinsic beauty of wire jewelry. Since then, she mastered the art with a goal to create each piece that carries with it the undulating movements of nature and the serenity it represents.

Making wire jewelry is an intricate hobby. I believe the medium requires creativity and lots of passion. For Nicole, I guess it comes naturally for her because even before she discovered wire jewelry making, her youth has always had that passion for creative endeavors. Read more…

From her home, Nicole is successfully managing her full-time jewelry business and part-time photographic and poetic passions, while being a wife and an awesome mother of two.

We are happy to feature Bluebell Pendant by Nicole and you’ll find it in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #28

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #28 brings you 10 tutorials that will aid your craving for learning wire jewelry making! These tutorials will satisfy your hunger for wire jewelry and the best thing is that these techniques are equipped with clear instructions for you to follow!