Kosy Hristova

I live and work in the beautiful city of Varna – on the Black Sea coast \ Southeast Europe –Bulgaria. I was graduated from a college of stylistic and design. For twenty+ years now I have been making jewelry from natural gems and wire. craft designs wedding jewelry from freshwater pearls and seashells, starfish and sea snails – barefoot sandals, tiaras, necklaces and bracelets and hair accessories. My objective is, guided by my intuition, to combine various shapes and colors to achieve something beautiful that would bring joy and self-esteem to the persons wearing my pieces of jewelry.

I made zipper jewellery for couple years. The idea came when I saw a big pile of discarded zippers in front of a sewing workshop. As it turned out, jewelry made of zipper is a great accessory for day wear or even full dress. When you wear that kind of jewelry, you can not go unnoticed, because it is very interesting, stylishly and unique.

I started to do so soon to create tutorials so that others can make my favorite jewelry and you can see them in my Etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JewelryAnaMarina