Jewelry Organizers and Storage Suggestions

Every New Year, you will probably hear the question, what is your New Year’s Resolution. Some people make a list but some do not. What is New Year’s Resolution anyway?

New Year’s Resolution is a tradition in which a person will make a list of things they want to change an undesired trait from the past year in order to improve their life or accomplish a goal for the new year. Maybe, 50% of the whole world’s population an undesired trait or a problem that most experience in their life is an organization of belongings and stuffs. I, for one, always, as in, always gets to the point where everything in my bedroom gets messy and mixed up. I need to re-organize almost every month, especially things in my bedroom. I am not a messy person. I know how to clean and organize things but somehow when we get too busy with work and other activities, especially when it’s the Holiday season things just pile up in my closet, in my cabinet, in my bedroom and on my desk. I will say, “I will just put it here.” And then days, weeks and months will pass and the pile of things just gets messy. It’s unintentional but I’m sure you experience this, too. When things are messy in your room, you can’t sleep well, you can’t relax and always seem to cram finding what you’re looking for, especially the smallest things like jewelry.

I have plastic box organizers for my handmade jewelry, but it seems they’re not enough and they don’t really serve their purpose. There are no separate compartments to group alike jewelry. Now, what I need are real jewelry organizers and storage boxes. These items I found are just perfect!

White PU Leather Jewelry Box Organizer Rings Necklace Storage Container (1pc)

Perfect for storing all kinds of your jewelry or personal small items etc. Keep your jewelry and small things in good order. This product is also available in the following colors: purple, black, red, rose red, and pink.

Pink PU Leather Book Style Jewelry Ear Studs Earrings Storage Organizer Box (1pc)

This stylish book-style jewelry organizer is perfect for storing approximately 42 pairs of earrings.

Travel Use Black Leather Jewelry Box Necklace Ring Storage Case Organizer (1pc)

Simple and compact design with elegant outlook and could be used to storage collective. It is perfect for organizing jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings etc. when travel. It comes with zippered closure with tone zipper pull.

Retro Bronze Jewelry bird Tree Stand Display Organizer Holder Show Rack (1pc)

Beautiful tree hooks/ branches design that is perfect for home jewelry organization. It has multi-function selections, which suit your needs conveniently and perfectly. It is removable and space-saving when not in use.

48 Hole Black Earrings Jewelry Display Wall Mounted Frame Rack Metal Holder Jewelry Showcase (1pc)

48 hole earrings jewelry display metal rack stand holder which fits for home use or business use. It is good for displaying and organizing your earrings collection. This metal rack is also available in other colors.

Black Mannequin Princess Dress Earrings Display Rack Jewelry Holder For Women (1pc)

This elegant stand is perfect for displaying your jewelry in a shop or on your dressing table. It is perfect for storing or displaying your favorite jewelry and keeps your jewelry in good order. Two colors are available.

Baby Blue Leather Jewelry Organizer Container Casket Storage Box (1pc)

This high-quality leather jewelry storage box/organizer is perfect for storing all kinds of your jewelry or personal small items. It can keep your jewelry and small items in good order. Lattices are all separate and easy to put all kinds of your jewelry.


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