Jewelry Making Tip: How I Start an Embroidered Bezel Cabochon

I’d like to share to you my own jewelry making technique of starting a beaded embroidery for bezeling cabochons. I’ve come up with this technique because I was always having problems on how many seedbeads should I sew onto the beaded foundation that would perfectly fit around a cabochon. In my experience, if I start with the usual way, where we sew on a bead at a time at the end of the beadwork the result can be that the beadwork may lack a space for one more bead, but it definitely needs one more to fit perfectly. And if I don’t add a bead, there will be visible space and I have to adjust the beads that I have already sewn. It is like a guessing game. A trial and error. To avoid this (I know, it is just a small problem to some) I experimented and here’s how I start an embroidered bezel cabochon.

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Like the usual, I started by applying E600 at the back of the cabochon and pressing the cabochon onto my backing. I have my needle inserted at the back with a knot to secure.

I started stringing a number of beads that I think will fit around my cabochon. I tested and laid the beads around the cabochon and at this point, I may increase or decrease the number of beads.

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After I got the right number of beads I pulled out half of the beads and left the other half. I then passed the thread halfway the size of my cabochon. My thread is now under the beading foundation. I need to come out so I passed the thread going up and out where I started.

I then strung the other half of the beads to cover half the size of the cabochon. Now, I have laid out the beads that perfectly fit the cabochon. No more guessing if I need to insert a bead or adjust at the end of the round.

…and that is how I start an embroidered cabochon. I hope this tip is helpful to you and that you find it very useful with your jewelry making projects.

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I used this technique when I created the Midas’ Touch ring and it was very useful.

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