Jewelry Making Magazine Collection Gift Idea

All girls love receiving jewelry accessories as a gift. Women also love gifting their girl friends jewelry accessories even without any occasion, but I am making a wild guess that maybe, one or two, out of your 10 friends would love to make their own accessories or maybe, you just didn’t know yet that your circle of friends are crafters. This year, why not discover which of your friends are into making their own jewelry accessories? Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the key that will awaken their creative minds and for just $10, you can do it by gifting them a DIY Jewelry Making Magazine Collection.

DIY Jewelry Making is now offering a 5-issue collection of DIY Jewelry Making Magazines that have been published since 2013. Each issue has three to 10 jewelry making tutorials.

The collections are already pre-chosen and each set has tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced skills perfect for friends at any skill level in jewelry making.

Your gift recipient can explore different jewelry making techniques like beadweaving, wirework, soutache’, beaded embroidery and chainmaille.

Tutorials in the magazine are presented in graphs and/or step by step images with written instructions so learners will be able to follow.

This Holiday season, give a unique gift. Something that can last forever. If you can help your friend be creative, that will be a lasting gift. Happy Holidays!