Jewelry Making: Jump Ring Jewelryhack and Tips

I like to really learn and advance my skills in chainmaille jewelry making and so I decided that for this Christmas, I will be giving chainmaille bracelets to my aunties and girl cousins as gifts. I can practice chainmaille and at the same time, I am making gifts. I’m hitting two birds with one stone!

So far, I have already made four captive pearl bracelets in different colors.

jewelry makingI purchased these knitting needles. I cut the hook ends and used an electric drill to make coils faster. To cut the coils I am using a jeweler’s saw and this awesome tool, jump ring coil cutting pliers. To cut the coils I am using a jeweler’s saw and this awesome tool, jump ring coil cutting pliers.

jewelry making
knitting needles
jewelry making
electric drill
jewelry making
jeweler’s saw

jewelry making
jump ring coil cutting pliers


At first, it was difficult to saw but then after a while, I got used to it and find it easy to do. But one thing I noticed is that on some jump rings, even though I am already using a jeweler’s saw, still, the ends do not have a clean cut.

Before, I throw away these rejected jump rings, but I figured I am wasting wire. 🙁 I tried to use emery to take away that extra sharp wire at the ends but the rings are small and difficult to handle and it doesn’t work well.

Wire Rounder Tool Cup Bur


I remembered I had this burring tool that I have purchased three years ago. I saw on a video that you can use the burring tool to round wire ends if you’re making earrings and the result is a smooth end but I never really used it because I have plenty of stocks of ready-made earrings.

after using bur tool

But now, the burring tool is a magic tool for me! I tried to bur the tip that is sharp on one of the jump rings and voila! It worked! I just bur it so slightly because I don’t want to create more damage to the ends. Now, I won’t be wasting any jump rings, no matter how sharp the ends are. I hope this jewelryhack is a good tip and you’ll find it useful, too. 🙂

Happy jewelry making!