Jewelry Findings: Bead Caps

When it comes to designing your pieces of jewelry, do you really take into consideration all the elements that you will use in your designs? Like for example, bead caps. Do you know that there are a lot of types of bead caps? Sometimes, give some time to go on a little treasure hunt for jewelry findings and you’ll be surprised little beauties like these amazing designs for bead caps! These bead caps are really useful in jewelry making!

There are many unconventional bead caps and it really is an amazing find! For starters, I will show you the basic bead caps, where the designs are pretty common everywhere!

Pretty bead caps are really essential to make a beautiful piece of jewelry! Or you could use some normal bead caps with some little added designs and it is already more than enough to spice up your jewelry making designs!

You will also find intricately designed bead caps! Such bead caps are designed so creatively that they can really get you excited to incorporate them in your jewelry making projects! Floral designs are very popular for bead caps.

Bead caps can come in a variety of colors but the popular ones are silver and gold, but you will also find bronze and rhodium. Bead caps are beautiful small pieces of jewelry findings. Something which many have not taken much attention of. They are easily overlooked, not knowing they can a real beauty to your jewelry projects.


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