Interview with Beading Tutorial Publisher – Deborah Hodoyer

Debora Hodoyer

I was born and raised in Sardinia, a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and being an islander, at a certain time, I felt the urge to see what there was overseas. So I started traveling by myself and now, back from those beautiful experiences, I’m concentrating on the valorization of culture, language, protection and improvement of the environment, archeology, traditions and ancient history of my Island, which you’re welcome to come and visit.

Actually, I’m unemployed and I’d like to keep on publishing on beading magazines wishing to be, in the next future, an instructor myself; in this way, I would be able to teach to my students and meet some experienced bead artist. That would be great!

Debora’s beading table

My adventure in the bead world started when I was looking for a hobby to keep my mind busy and, at the same time, I was looking for some pretty earrings to wear. Unfortunately, I found out that I wasn’t able to find on the market what I was looking for, so I thought to make them myself. I bought wires, pliers and beads (especially stone beads and Czech glass pressed beads in different colors and shapes) and I began making simple earrings and bracelet in such a compulsive way and having lots of fun. At a certain time, I needed some smaller beads to embellish my jewelry and my attention was attracted by those little sparkling pretty seed beads, so I bought some of them in different sizes and I fell in love. I never came back since then!

Over time I developed my own designs and I started selling my beading patterns in my Etsy shop named CrownofStones ( ). My designs have also been published on major beading magazines as Bead and Button, Beadwork (where I got two covers with my ‘Star of Venus’ necklace on the December/January 2016 issue and ‘Wish upon a star’ bracelet February/March 2017 issue), Perlen Poesie, Bead and Jewellery magazine, DIY beading magazine and on the Creative Beading Volume 12 book. You can tell I really like working with magazines! Last year (2016) I’ve also participated in the Battle of the Beadsmith competition with my necklace ‘Closer’.

Debora’s creation – “Closer”

Generally, speaking, my inspiration comes mostly from music (I’m always listening to some music when I’m beading. I can tell that my jewelry is made of music), art and nature and it acts on an unconscious level. I usually don’t look for an inspiration; I sit at my table, having in front of me the beads, and it just comes to me; then I try to channel that feeling into something productive. Sometimes beads can be an inspiration themselves because of their shape or colors.

It’s hard to tell how much my jewelry work changed since I began because I can still see a continuity in my style. I think it has grown with time and it has been enhanced since I’ve learned new techniques and I’ve improved my skills. It’s still growing and I’m keeping on trying different things also thanks to new products on the market which stimulates my creativity.

Debora’s beading room and her dog, Sharden

Multi-hole beads became very popular lately and they’re used in many designs with different techniques. My advice is to always check holes before starting beading or before adding that certain bead to the beadwork because it could happen to find one (or unfortunately more) of those beads with blocked holes. You can try to unblock them using a thicker needle or better put them aside and pick up another one with unblocked holes. I really love multi-hole beads and I use them often in my designs, along with crystals and seed beads. My favorite beading tool is… a spoon! I use it to put back my beads into the ziplock bags after finished beading. It’s really helpful and it helps me to save lots of time (I need to clean and my working space after beading because I need a clean space to start another project). Beading is mostly fun and relaxing, but sometimes can be proving for the mind (due to the constant search for new designs) and body (lots of hours sitting at the working table in the same position). When I feel tired of beading or I have enough free time -besides spending it with my dog- I like reading books, visiting my parents, gardening with my mother, or going outside to take pictures being a photography lover. I’m also a musician and, even if I had to put aside this passion for many reasons, once in a while I come back to play my instrument (bass guitar) that calms me and makes me feel well, like I was in a world apart; away from everything and where everything makes me feel at ease.

A part of the beading magazines where Debora’s designs have been published…

First of all, and the most important thing that I would like to say to those who’d like to venture into jewelry making is… be yourself and have fun. Beading could be both therapeutic and frustrating sometimes and these feelings are both okay. Be curious about the beading world, give a try to different styles and techniques and try to identify those who make you feel well. It’s important to feel at ease, working with a positive attitude and a little bit of a useful pressure. That means that it’s okay to make mistakes, to vent, to throw away things and to take a necessary rest to see things from another perspective, to start again with a different attitude.

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