I’m self-taught beader from Latvia and I live in its capital Riga, small but beautiful country.

How did it start or to be more precise restarted my childhood’s hobby? Quite simply,
holidays,rainy weather and I found long time ago purchased small packet of seed beads in a
drawer chest.I tried to create something but then I searched in the Internet and found some
simple beadingtechniques. I started with the one that I liked, and the result you can see in the
gallery of my website.

Now I am passionate about color combinations and I am gradually challenging myself with
newbeading techniques that I like. Each peace of item I create as I like it, they are not made
just for making and selling, they are unique with some exceptions when customers order
copies. Eachpiece of jewelry is patiently made​​ and the result is good and people like it as well
as I do.

I am keen on not only with creating jewelry of seed beads, but also figure skating, car races
-drift (I am technician, yes I am blonde but I can assist to change a gearbox or do some engine
works), and photography. I enjoy life doing things I like!

You can follow me:

My website – http://shinkabeads.jimdo.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shinkabeads/481708498521047

My online store – http://www.etsy.com/shop/Shinkabeads

Twitter – http://twitter.com/ShinkaBeads