How to Use Youtube as Your Beading Tutorial Platform

Watching video tutorials for free is one of the best ways to learn. Be it a cooking tutorial, carpentry tutorial, sewing tutorial and yes, of course, beading tutorial and other tutorials you can think of. Most of us are perfectly fine with printed material to learn, but wouldn’t it be nice and helpful if we see how a thing or an item is made in action? Youtube is the most popular, if not the only platform for tutorials you can find on the net. Many are willing to share their creations and teach for free and one of them is Gianna Lammering aka Gianna Zimmerman of Beading4perfectionists.

Her Youtube channel is popular and the reason why she chose Youtube because it is the biggest platform and reached almost to the whole world! Everyone already knows about it and it was growing rapidly as compared to other platforms like Dailymotion, so she figured that Youtube was the way to go! Her advice to new designers is that when you start out, go to the platforms on the top of your list first, then work your way down your list if you do not get accepted by your first choice.

After loyally putting up one video every week for about 8 months in a row, she became a Youtube partner and monetized her videos. She knew she needed at least $100 to get her first payout. She managed to reach $100 after 3 months. The process was not easy, she worked hard, lack sleep, skipped meals and who knows what happened to Ridge in the Bold and the Beautiful because she stopped watching television and dedicated her spare time (as she had another job) to Youtube. She re-registered at the chamber of commerce after receiving her first payout.

On Youtube, you can monetize your videos. Google pays straight to your bank account and at other countries where they also have the option of getting checks, among other options. In order to get paid, you have to reach the $100 mark, and after 3 months.  

For Gianna, she thinks that you cannot say that Etsy is better than Youtube or Youtube is better than Etsy. Her reasoning is because on Youtube, she has many followers which will eventually check out her Etsy shop. And to start an Etsy shop, you need an audience.

With over 100k subscribers on her b4pbakup Youtube channel, it is possible to sell at least 60 patterns on the first day on Etsy after promoting the PDF file on her Youtube channel. Though you may think that 60 out of 60,000 is not much, you have to remember that not everyone has the means to purchase the PDF file and a lot of people still rather watch her carry out the tutorial(for free) on Youtube instead of reading the patterns or paying for the patterns, even if the pattern is for a fundraiser and only cost $2.

Although a lot of things now has changed in Youtube and probably lesser earnings, still being a Youtube partner is a good start to get some audience and maybe, get some extra earnings.

Gianna’s advice for those who want to go on Youtube is:
1. Do it because you want to teach
2. Do it because you want a career with beads

After putting up about 20 videos and having at least 5000 subscribers, add the PDF tutorials to Etsy and Craftsy. She found out that her audience would like to have the PDF after watching her videos. So, think about it. 🙂


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