How to Use Spacer Beads in Jewelry Making

For me, spacer beads in jewelry making are my lifesavers! When I lack beads, I turn to my spacer beads for help. But what are spacers beads, anyway?

spacer beads

Careful when handling spacer beads because they are smaller than other beads we usually use, except for seed beads. Not everyone uses spacer beads in jewelry making but they are also essential jewelry making supply because they can add texture and pattern to a jewelry design.

spacer beads

The main use of spacer beads is as FILLERS. Typically, you’d see spacers beads in bracelets and necklaces. With spacer beads, you can add length without using too much of your main material or the more expensive beads. Now as you add these fillers you can play with the design and strategically place each spacer bead in a way that you create a pattern.

There are many spacer beads in the market, but typically, they are made from silver/metal material. They can be round, square or elongated. I believe any bead can be used as a spacer bead. It really depends on how you like to create your jewelry.


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