How To Make Wire Earrings: “Owl” by Kica Bijoux

“Owl” Earrings is now published as part of DIY Jewelry Making #64. This tutorial is written by one of our contributors – Kica Bijoux. Learn how to make earrings with wire with these jewelry tutorials. It’s really fun to make and you can customize it with color beads of your choice. Pictures and descriptions are designed even for those not yet self-confident enough to call themselves intermediate wire-wrapping artists. For step by step instruction, do login to our member area to follow this project. If you are not a member yet, just subscribe from the link here.



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Below is a sneak preview of what you will see from the step by step guide available in our member area.

Step 1
Take 20 gouge wire – and bend it like on the photo (around 11,5 cm/4.5” from the end of wire) 
Step 2 • Now create owl’s ear. Bend wire like on the photo, then squeeze it (photo3). You have to do that, to create pointy ear


…then you can bend of the wire to create nice pointy ear. 


Step 3
• Now you have to create second ear. You have to repeat step 1 and 2. Length of the „head” of my owl is around 1.5 cm/0.59”) 
This is how your owl should look like. In this moment you can check if you make owl’s head exactly in the middle of the wire. If it is not, you can shorten wires, to make them even.


Step 4
Now we have to form body and wings of the owl.  I want to have little fat owl, so i bend wires to create roundish shape. 
Step 5
Now bend both wires like on the photo (in point where they are meet together;) 


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