How to Make Web Wire Pendant for Halloween

Spiders are popular during Halloween so here is a tutorial that for sure you’ll have fun creating! The Web Wire Pendant will teach you how to perfect your wrapping techniques by creating a web-like weaved wires. You’ll also learn how to make loops and use these techniques in creating various designs for wire jewelry.

Cut 4 pcs of 3 inches 22ga wire. Pick up 2 wires and bend each one in half like a “V” shape.

Take the wires and insert them in between the bent area like so.

Wrap one “V” shaped wire by bending the wire in opposite directions like shown in arrow. By doing so your wire will interlock.

Pick up one more 3-inch wire as your 3rd wire and bend in half. Insert the wire in between the first 2 wires.

Then wrap once by bending the wires in opposite directions like shown in arrow.

Pick up your 4th 3-inch wire and bend in half. Insert again in between the interlock wires, perpendicular to your 3rd wire.

Then bend the wires in opposite directions.

Bend the rest of the wires in opposite direction to ensure the wires are locked in place.

Straighten and adjust the wires to have even spaces.

Take your 28ga wire. Working directly from the spool wrap the wire twice onto the web frame and start wrapping.

Wrap neatly, until you can trim the ends of the web frame and have about .60 inches or 1.5cm left.

Slide in a 0.4mm bead and make a loop.

Take 4 x 0.3mm beads and with your 28ga wire wrap and weave it onto the center of the web to cover the knotted wires.

Finally, you can wear your Web Wire Pendant for a Halloween party!

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