How to make Swirly Wire Rings Tutorial

Yay! You’ll be having a good start of the week today coz’ we’ve got something from our friend and Guest Contributor!

Muhaiminah Faiz


Pretty, sweet and looking, so young, isn’t she 🙂 Well, at a very young age of 6 she has been collecting beads of different kinds, colors, sizes and ever since, crafting has become her passion. A budding Anthropology student on the side, this young gal is sooooo CRAZY about crafting that she could make a jewelry out of almost anything.


I had a chat with Muhaiminah just last week and guess what, she’ll be teaching you how to make 2 versions of her Swirly Wire Rings!


Now, let’s begin Swirly Wire Ring version 1 🙂

how to make swirly wire rings tutorial


Measure your ring size and convert into inches or centimeters. Take the copper wire and hold on one end of the wire (do not cut the wire from the bundle). Create a loop on that end using the round nose pliers. Start winding the wire around that loop to make a swirly pattern. Circle around the loop 3-4 times or as you wish.



how to make swirly wire rings tutorial



After making the first swirl, leave the wire straight (the length of your ring size), keep 2-3 inches to make the second swirl and 0.5 inch extra. Cut the wire from the bundle after measuring.






how to make swirly wire rings tutorial


Now, make another swirl, winding it in the opposite direction of the first one. You can keep both swirls equal or make them of different sizes.
Now, simply wrap the straight part of the wire around a mandrel or a round object with the swirls facing towards each other. You can easily adjust the ring size.








how to make swirly wire rings tutorial
Tadaahh! Your 1st version of the Swirly Wire Ring 🙂








Swirly Wire Ring version 2 🙂

how to make swirly wire rings tutorial


Take a small piece of copper wire (at least 12 inches) and fold it in half. Tighten the fold using a plier.





how to make swirly wire rings tutorial



Leave the wire straight from the bent end (the length of your ring size). The other side of the wire will have 2 ends as you’ve folded 1 wire into half. Cut extra wire, if needed.



how to make swirly wire rings tutorial




Now, use the round nose pliers to make 2 swirly patterns facing in opposite direction. When you’re done making the swirls, simply bend the straight part of the wire around the mandrel or any round object that matches your finger size. As the rings are easily adjustable, you don’t need to worry about the size of the rings.





how to make swirly wire rings tutorial








Voila! Another Swirly Wire Ring finished in just minutes 🙂


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