How To Make Beaded Bracelet: Royal Elegance by Ieva Bambale of Shinka Beads

Royal Elegance is now published as part of DIY Jewelry Making #64. This tutorial is written by one of our contributors – Ieva Bambale of Shinka Beads.  This tutorial will guide you step by step how to create a royal style bracelet or necklace. It looks elegant and complicated but once you have caught the idea of the stitch it is possible to make it pretty fast. For step by step instruction, do login to our member area to follow this project. If you are not a member yet, just subscribe from the link here.


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 Below is a sneak preview of what you will see from the step by step guide available in our member area.

Step 1
 Begin by picking three 8mm pearls and three 3mm pearls. Put them on the thread one by one in this order – one smaller and one bigger pearl.
Step 2
Bring the first and last beads together, and make an overhead or square knot to pull the beads into a ring. Example is in the picture below. 


Step 3

The next steps will be the same until you reach desired length of a bracelet or a necklace. Take a 3mm bead then 8mm bead, 3mm bead, 8mm bead and one more 3mm bead. Put the needle through the hole of the pearl opposite the knot. (arrow shows the direction of the thread)

Step 4
 To finish the previous step, put the needle through the first two pearls from the previous step – one 3mm pearl and one 8mm pearl in order to start the next step. 

Step 5

Repeat steps 3-4 until you reach the desired length. (more pictures to visualize these two steps)


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