How to Make a Cross with AVA Beads

As we all know, AVA bead design is the bright idea of jewelry designer and teacher Gianna Zimmerman. Sharing her idea with Potomac Bead Company they were then able to create a “V” shaped bead with 3 holes.

AVA beads are really wonderful to work with. Normally, beads are rounded in shape. Some beads are elongated and some are square and rectangle, but AVA is “V” shaped. Some may find it difficult to incorporate AVA beads into their beading designs, but AVA has lots of possibilities. You can stack them and form like an arrow. You can design them side by side and in between the “V” shape, you can nicely place a bead.

Here’s a design from Gianna that you can start with. The “Ava goes…” Religious cross! Take a peek of the tutorial. 🙂



The tutorial has 104 steps. Now, you may be shocked at 104 steps but Gianna creates very detailed tutorials that even a beginner will be able to follow. From start to finish, on every step is a written instruction and you will find clear pictures of the beading process.

The cross is created in amber color, but you can also create in a different color. You can try Gianna’s suggestion in Violet or purple tone colors.

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“Ava goes…” Religious Beading Tutorial

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