Having fun with Memory Wires


What a cozy day to curl up in bed today. The weather is cold and it’s raining, but my mind just won’t let me relax because there’s something that keeps popping up in my brain – Memory Wires. How ironic…the name Memory Wires keeps bothering my “Memory.” LOL Anyways, so I had to get up and do what my mind commands me to do.

I pulled my handmade jewelry craft box and got my Memory Wires. I still have more of them left from our craft store and here they are. I buy them in several meters. I’m just not sure how long it is. You can cut the wires depending how long you need for your design.

I also had some faux pearls in sea green and decided to make a bracelet. It’s so easy and in just minutes I now have this memory wire faux pearl bracelet.



If you would notice I did not create a loop at both ends of the wire to keep the faux pearls in place. Instead, I dabbed the wire in jewelry making glue and inserted the faux pearl. As the glue dries up it will keep the faux pearl from sliding off the wire, thus, keeping it place.


I was having fun so I decided to make another one and it’s a necklace.


This time I used a bigger size Memory Wires for necklaces. The design is called a cascade style. First, I filled the wire with seed beads and inserted one silver seed bead after every 5 black seed beads to create a pattern. For the cascade I used bicone crystals in clear white and black plus seed beads and created links using eye pins.

Now, I really wanted to use this beautiful aqua Swarovski pendant but couldn’t think of a simple design. Maybe I was in a very good mood today and suddenly, I came up with this.

Do you notice how easy it is to make jewelries using Memory Wires? It’s just like you’re stringing beads but using wires. That’s one thing I like with Memory Wires. I don’t need a needle and the wire is so easy to handle, no fuzz and no tangles. You can also create bracelets and necklaces in minutes. You can also use multiple memory wires in one design like this really, really cute cuff from Fashionable Finery.


The steps in making the Sweetheart Cuff is similar when you’re using a single memory wire, but the question is, how can you combine multiple memory wires in one piece?

Want to find out? Prepare these materials…

 And head over to Fashionable Finery for the free tutorial!!!

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