Handmade Jewelry Packaging Ideas

For small businesses like a home-based business of selling handmade jewelry items we always think of a way for our items to get noticed. Getting noticed is difficult since we don’t have a brick & mortar stores and we are not in malls. The only thing we can do is to promote through social media, blog and e-Commerce websites. We try our best if it’s a handmade item to achieve that professional finish but even if we are already skillful in making a chosen handmade item, still, problems arise especially when it comes to handmade jewelry packaging.

Packaging is an important part when it comes to selling. It is the “packaging” that will make the item complete. It is the “packaging” that will complete that professional look and will give the buyer the impression that we are really serious in our chosen selling business.

Now, like myself, who is trying to make it to the big online selling business is also, I’m sure, experiencing the same problem of finding a good but cheaper option for packaging our items. Sure there are ready-made packaging available in the market but the price is high and you know that if the packaging is costly, the item itself will become more expensive, making it difficult to sell online. I have just started selling my handmade jewelry and I don’t want to invest too much in the packaging. I’d rather spend more on the materials to make my handmade jewelry.  So, because of this problem in packaging I searched and searched for ways to package my items. These ideas of making our own packaging may help to start a selling business when you’re on a tight budget.

  1. Make your own jewelry pouch. This is super easy. You don’t have to be an expert in sewing. A needle and thread will do because you don’t have to sew a very big jewelry pouch. A jewelry pouch only measures around 7cm x 10cm or slightly bigger. You also don’t have to stock jewelry pouches but just sew one if you made a sale. Materials to make a jewelry pouch are also inexpensive. I found this video how to sew a drawstring bag. The process will be the same for big and small pouches.

2. Make your own gift boxes. If you are crafty and I’m sure you are you will be able to find these videos really helpful and fantastic!

3. Make pillow boxes! Here are 2 ways how you can make them. Don’t forget to put a brand into your jewelry box. Put a sticker or logo. you can also add a thank you tag.

4. You can also invest in some tools like paper cutters, stamping tools and craft scissors to make your own designed packaging boxes. Watch the following videos to give more ideas how to package your items.

Hope all these were helpful! If you have an idea how to package handmade items share them by commenting on this post!. We surely would love to gather ideas and share!