Halloween Themed Beaded Earrings

Halloween is near! This a good Halloween themed jewelry project with your kids. Even adults will love these beaded earrings by Rena Klingenberg.

Rena Klingenberg is a jewelry artist, author – and the founder and publisher of Jewelry Making Journal.

Although she often make complex pieces of jewelry, one of her specialties is designing and teaching jewelry projects that look impressive – but are easy to make just like these spider earrings. It’s easy and really cute as well.

Let’s begin with 10mm acrylic beads with a 2.5mm hole. Pony beads would be a better choice because they have a 4mm hole, so you’ll be able to use a heavier gauge of wire for the spider legs.

Craft wire / artistic wire – 8 pieces of wire, each 3-15/16″ (10cm) long. If you’re using pony beads, use 20 or 22 gauge wire. For my 2.5mm hole beads, I used 24 gauge wire.

4 jump rings 8mm

A pair of earrings

  • Wire cutter
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Regular Sharpie marker – to mark your pliers
  • Ultra fine tip Sharpie marker – to draw your spiders’ faces

Start by using the regular-size Sharpie marker to draw a line on one jaw of the round nose pliers, about halfway down the jaw. This mark will make it easy to create the same size loop above each spider’s head.

(You can easily remove the mark from your pliers later with a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a scrap of paper towel.)

Now cut your 8 pieces of wire, each 3-15/16″ (10cm) long.

Now we’ll make the spiders. Start with four of your wires. and use your round nose pliers to grasp the midpoint of your wire bundle – making sure the wires are resting on the Sharpie mark you drew on your pliers.

Now bend the sides of your wires straight down, so that the center of your wire bundle is tightly curved across the bottom plier jaw.

Use your flat nose pliers to squeeze the wires tightly together below the round nose pliers, creating a sort of loop at the top of the wire bundle.

Now your wires should look like this.

Thread one of your beads onto your wires, making sure all 8 wire ends (spider legs) go through the bead hole. .Slide the bead all the way up the wires until it rests against the bottom of the wire loop.

Now turn your round nose pliers over so that the spider’s legs are on top. Stretch the legs out so there are 2 groups of 4 legs.

Remove the spider from your round nose pliers. Now we’ll make the spider’s feet. Use the tips of your round nose pliers to grasp one spider leg and make a little loop.

Make little loop feet on the other seven legs. Then use your flat nose pliers to straighten any crooked feet or legs.

Use your flat nose pliers to bend each leg at the knee.

Now your spider should look like this.

It’s time to give your spider a face! Use your ultra-fine tip Sharpie marker to draw the face on your bead. Do you want her to have a friendly expression, a sinister one, or is she winking? Does she need fangs? Lipstick? Eyelashes?

Create another spider. You can draw the face however you like. Now, your finished creepy crawly spider earrings should look like this.

More Halloween themed jewelry tutorials can be found on DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #47

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