Gold Membership: Your Free Access to Over 500 Jewelry Making Tutorials

Every once and a while all jewelry makers and designers go through a stage where we sometimes feel we have lost our creativity. No matter what we do, it seems we cannot think of a design. We try to doodle a little, but without any inspiration and ideas, we cannot come up with something new. How we all wish to make handmade jewelry all year round and not running out of jewelry making tutorials to learn to keep the creativity going.

Well, here is a solution! Gold Membership is here to give you endless choices of jewelry making tutorials to learn!

What benefits can you get with Gold Membership?

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS – There’s now over 500 jewelry making tutorials and you can make jewelry anytime you want
  • Unlimited access TO PAST AND CURRENT DIY JEWELRY MAKING MAGAZINES¬†with 5 – 10 tutorials
  • You will learn different techniques of jewelry making such as beading, wirework, soutache, bead embroidery and much more
  • You will learn from popular and talented jewelry designers from all over the world

Let’s take a peek at the current issue, DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #52

Once you’re a Gold Member, you can have instant access to these 8 jewelry making tutorials

Not only you will have access to the current issue, but to 51 past DIY Jewelry Making Magazine issues anytime you want!



It is easy to access tutorials under Gold Membership. All tutorials are in WEB-BASE FORMAT.

All you need to do is log in to your DIY Jewelry Making account!

Check out this video what’s inside Gold Membership!

Are you ready for these endless choices of jewelry making tutorials?

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Whether you’re a beginner or just want to brush up your jewelry making skills Gold Membership have a great collection of jewelry making ideas for you!

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