Gianna Lammering aka Gianna Zimmerman

Unlike most jewelry makers and beadweavers, Gianna did not start beading as a hobby, but as a means to make ends meet. With goals in trying to fill the financial gap she did everything she could to expand her earnings – working as a security guard and at the same time learning how to bead and selling her pieces at fair trades and flea markets. Since many were asking if she does home beading workshops she started on exploring how to teach people to bead. She loves Scott Bakula and has always loved him till now, and this served as her inspiration to start making a beading video tutorial.

Gianna is already making extra money from sales at fair trades; she then explored video editing and photoshop editing. She’s a self-taught video maker. Learning and searching how-to on her own, slowly she started making beading video tutorials. After awhile she setup another goal of becoming a Youtube partner, which she was able to reach through her persistence and willpower to reach her goals. Using her beading skills she’s worked her way up to the top and has become an excellent beading teacher and Youtube partner.

You can find her at these pages:
Advanced beaders tutorial channel:
Beginning beaders channel:é’
and Soutache’ plus more: