FREE Tutorial: How to make a coiled wire bangle


I did some experimenting today and played with wires. I love to coil LOL and so I tried to create a bangle. Here’s what it looks like!
This is just a simple bangle and you can improve it more, but to give you an idea, here’s how I created the piece.

Step 1: My wrist measures around 6 inches and so I cut out 8 inches of 18ga wire. Why 8 inches? This is because I added 1 inch at both ends for the loop then marked it.

Step 2: Working from the spool, I coiled a 28ga wire onto the 18ga wire until I fill it with coiled wires.

Step 3: When you reach the end of the 18ga wire, cut the wire and pull from the 18ga wire. Make 3 sets of coiled wires.

Step 4: Take your 8 inches 18ga wire and bend 1 end at 1 inch mark.

Step 5: Make a loop going around several times until you reach the mark.

Step 6: Take the spool of 28ga wire and slide in the coiled wires.

Step 7: Again, working from the spool, wrap the wire several times onto the 18ga wire just right after the loop.

Step 8: Then continue to wrap the coiled wires.

Step 9: Keep coiling until you reach your 6 inches mark and then bend the 18ga wire. The bent wire should measure at least 1 inch.

Step 10: Then make a loop going around several times.

Step 11: Now you’re ready to shape the bangle. Take a round object about the size of your wrist and shape the wire.

Step 12: Bend the loops at opposite directions and you’re almost done…

Step 13: Fit the bangle on your wrist, adjust a little or bend the wires more where it feels comfortable and confident that it won’t fall off. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and got new tips and tricks how to create a wire jewelry.




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