Free Peacock Necklace PDF with Rulla Beads

Quite similar to brick beads, Rulla beads are rectangular in shape but rounded corners. They feature two stringing holes, making them versatile options for seed bead weaving and embroidery. Try them in between two strands of beads. You’ll love the way these beads add complexity to your designs. You can stack Rulla beads going up, similar to when beading with brick beads.

Czech Glass Two-Hole Rulla Bead
Features 2-Hole
Each pack includes approximately 93 beads.
Place Of Origin Czech Republic

Since Rulla Beads can be stacked up these beads are perfect as a foundation for making necklaces, just like the Peacock Necklace by Zvia Ben-Ami of ZviaGil Designs. Here’s an idea of how to build the foundation with Rulla beads. Weave Rulla beads with seedbeads as if you are building a brick wall.

Then embellish your Rulla beads foundation where at the bottom seedbeads, you can create dangles using your chosen beads. In this image, ZviaGil Designs used Kheops, Superdup and Pip beads.

…and the result is a beautiful and colorful Rulla Beads necklace! Try it! Create your own necklace with Rulla beads as foundation and you’ll see that it is easy and pretty quick to create a necklace.

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