Free Download: Curls & Swirls Wire Work Pendant Tutorial

Hi, I’m Liz. I have a creative nature and I love sharing what I know. I am a wire jewelry designer and owned a bead store where I taught for 7 years. I love teaching and want you to have fun and enjoy making incredible things with me. I’m all about “easy” and getting the absolute best results. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my Curls & Swirls Wire Work Pendant Tutorial. I hope you will have fun and learn!

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For this project, I used 14ga pre-antiqued soft copper wire measuring 20″ long. This project is easy to grasp visually. No two will be alike so use your own creative imagination and get swirlin’.!

Materials & tools needed:
Bail making pliers
Flush cutters
Round nose pliers
Nylon jaw pliers
18-14ga dead soft copper wire
Focal bead
Liver of sulfur “0000” steel wool

Keep your wires together without crossing them throughout the entire project.
Fold your wires in half making a “U”
Straighten wire out at the top and keep them side by side.
Wrap around your pliers 2 times.

Note: Heavy gauge wire can be a challenge to get started

Start spiraling your wires clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the orientation of your wires.
Letting one wire stay more on top of the other creates a rosette. You can do more spirals if you wish.
Curve your wires across the front and then in back.
Repeat the other set of wires, the design is totally up to you.
Slip it onto your pliers to see how it will hang and make any adjustments you see fit as you go.
Choose where to place your bead and fold it up onto the pendant. The rest is creative swirls and curls. Make sure your ends are flush cut and GO FOR IT!
Adjust and straighten out as you see fit.
Antique with LOS (Liver of sulfur) and polish with steel wool, or polishing pad/cloth.

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