FREE Crystal & Silver Ball Dangling Earrings Tutorial


Here’s a jewelry making idea from Reem! Create a dangling earring using chains and this is one of the many ways how to use chains. The design is limitless. You can attach as many chains and beads you like and make it long or short. You can also use different sizes of beads. The tutorial will teach you the basic way of linking components, a simple but essential technique in creating wire jewelry.
Crystal & Silver Ball Dangling Earrings

Let’s try and make the dangling earrings in 3 simple steps!

Materials and tools:
Eye pins
Jump rings
2 x 0.6 dia Silver balls
2 x 1.2cm dia crystal beads
6 Silver Flat back beads
2 Ear wires
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers
Wire cutter

Step 1: Cut 3 chains in 2 different lengths and hook them into an eye pin.

Step 2: Slide in a crystal followed by a silver bead into the eye pin and create a loop at the end. Attach your ear wire.

Step 3: Open a jump ring and hook into the silver flat back bead then attach to the chain. Do the same for the rest of the chains.

You’re done!


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