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Learn 8 wire jewelry tutorials with Kica Bijoux

We have another brilliant jewelry designer who we are featuring specially in this month’s issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine! Numerous authors or designers have contributed to our magazine over the past few years, and today we are proud to present to you an issue, full of designs from Kasia!

Inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #54 are 8 wire jewelry tutorials that you’ll surely fell in love with. You’ll learn how to make fashionable dangling earrings, pendants, accessories and rings. Plus, you’ll get to know more about our featured author, Kasia!

All tutorials are presented with by step images showing each design stage. There’s something for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill level. Images are also supported by well-written instructions to help you, not only create your own wire jewelry but also to understand the process. Learning the tips and tricks that our Contributing Artists has shared will help you apply them in your own designs. So, come and learn to make 8 beautiful jewelry pieces with Kasia of Kica Bijoux

Here are the 8 wire jewelry tutorials inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #54!

Meet our Featured Jewelry Artist!

I always love to wear unique jewelry – one of a kind and with a touch of the antique look. But I never could find what I want. So one day i decided to try make earrings perfect and ideal for myself… At the beginning, jewelry making was only a hobby but with time, creating Bijoux became my addiction. And this is how Kica Bijoux Jewelry was created! Read more...

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