Featured Wire Jewelry Designer: Claudia Ionita of ChloeDesign

My name is Claudia Ionita. I live in Romania, a beautiful country with lots of beautiful landscapes. I am an accountant to a bank for over 23 years now which is a challenging job, not the typical accounting and I like it. In my free time, I like to take long walks and observe various forms in nature both on the ground and in the sky. It relaxes me and fills me joy to watch the marvel of nature.

In 2010 I have discovered my passion for handmade jewelry and started to learn about all sort of jewelry making techniques. I liked handmade jewelry so much because every piece I made was unique even when I followed a tutorial.

Featured in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #28

First I was attracted to chainmaille jewelry. Maybe because I like mathematics and this technique is based on ratios. I found it very attractive how a geometric form like jump rings have can be combined to become a flowing piece of jewelry like a bracelet. I started with jump rings bought from the store and soon I realized that I had to make my own jump rings. Why? Because it is very hard to find at the store jump rings that are cut with a saw and the ones that are cut with pliers pinch the skin because the ends don’t fit perfectly.

Featured in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #43

Then, after a year or so I discovered wire wrapping jewelry and this became the main passion for me because I could incorporate better another element that I love which is natural semiprecious stones. Natural stones have such large variety of vibrations and the metal wire is hard but it can be persuaded into so many flowing forms and I just love this contrast. Maybe because I am a Gemini πŸ™‚

I started by making a simple wire wrapped pendant with crystal and I was so proud of myself and felt so good πŸ™‚

Featured in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #44

Seeing more intricate pieces made by other people I realized that I have to learn more about the techniques so I made pieces following tutorials, I learned to know the wire, how it reacts if I bend it in different ways, how does it look when I use layers by wrapping one wire over another and so I learned lots of ways to work with wire. I had to try many combinations of wire types and thicknesses and see how they look before I could start with the creation part of jewelry making. When you use a tutorial it is much simpler, because you are given all the technical data you need for making that piece so you don’t need much training, but when you want to create a new model you need to already know how the wire will look and behave and for this you need to try first all kinds of wire wrapping combinations. You need to know about the wire thickness and tension, that soft wire stays exactly where you bend it while medium and hard wire tends to jump back so pressure needs to be maintained during the wrapping. It was so much fun and rewarding process to learn to persuade the wire to obey me!

Featured in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #28

After I learned different techniques of wire wrapping I started to create my own designs. It feels so good to be free to make pieces as you feel them. Now, when I get a crystal, l hold it in my hand, I look at it and I just let my imagination to create a jewelry in my mind. Then I draw it on paper and start combining the crystal with wires. When is finished it feels so good to see the piece in my mind has become real!

It is a life-changing feel to create something in your mind and to make it real with just your hands and a few pliers!Β It brings joy, it builds patience, it brings self-confidence, all sort of good aspects that reflect in all areas of your life! Try it, it will enrich your life ! πŸ™‚


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