Featured Interview: Getting to Know Ella Des of ELLAD2

We have had an amazing opportunity to be able to interview a wonderful and talented beader of the jewelry world – Ella Des! Get acquainted with who she is and how she goes about beading in her daily life, and also how she gets inspired to create designs and then make them into tutorials for all to follow!

1. Tell us about yourself and your location.

My story is a little bit different, not so common. I was born and grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. I graduated from the University of Economic Sciences with a master’s degree in Marketing Management and PR. Beside that “official part” of my life, since I remember, my hands have been always busy. I was sewing, knitting. I even made some pieces of furniture for my apartment.

After 15 years of permanent stress and working more than 10 hours a day I left my usual environment and I chose to live on a 45-feet sailboat and to sail around the World with the man I love. Making that decision wasn’t so easy to me, but I never regret it. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean, sailed in the Caribbean for the last 4 years and at this moment we are in Panama.

2. How did you start beadweaving? Is there an inspiration that brought you to this type of jewelry making or it’s an inborn talent that you have working with beads?

On the Canary Islands, I met a woman from Germany who showed me her own beaded jewelry. I was in love!! She showed me, in two hours, a basic stitch – peyote. After that, I dragged my husband to all kind of craft stores, bought plastic beads and started. I spent weeks on the internet and read everything I could find about beading. I made an enormous amount of pieces, destroyed them and made other ones. And then it was a time for real beads – glass beads! I was unstoppable!

For me, it felt like a hidden “button” was pressed – “My creative button that was waiting for a long time”.

3. You have created more than 200 beading tutorials, where do you get your design ideas?

Sometimes I get the inspiration from nature – of course, because we are very connected to the nature in our daily life. But most of the time it’s about playing with beads for hours. And at the end I have something!

4 .What do you do with the finished pieces? Do you sell them or just keep them, like what most beaders does.

Some of them I give as gifts to my friends and family when we visit them. Some of them I dismantle because at that moment I need that particular bead for a new piece, and finally some of them I keep for myself.

Selling jewelry in this condition – when we are sailing and very often we are in another country, is difficult. For example, the post service in Caribbean countries are not so efficient. Customer deserves the best in a short time and I cannot provide that. Custom regulations are also very difficult. So, I do not sell finished pieces.

5. How would you describe your designs? Are they Victorian, modern or contemporary? We do notice that when it comes to colors you always have that touch of color gold.

I don’t have a specific style. My designs are all different. You can find Victorian, modern and contemporary in my work and you can find all of them in just one piece. I would say that most of them are elegant. I use a lot of purple and blue color/shades. Of course, gold, silver and bronze go with it.

6. We visited your Etsy and wow, you have a lot of sales and admirers. With so many other jewelry tutorial publishers/shops on Etsy, how do you make yourself noticeable to the audience or possible buyers?

Thank you very much! Don’t forget that I sell my tutorials since 2010! It’s been 5 years already. I built my reputation long time ago and I work very hard on improvements every day. Competition (very good and very talented competition) is big now. When I started it was not like that. But I’m still standing!

7. How do you see Ellad2 in the future? Do you still have other aspirations for your passion, beadweaving?

I am so full of ideas and I want to start with some new things, to combine them with beading, but I really don’t know how to find the time for all my triggers.

8. What can you suggest or share to help others who’d like to venture into jewelry making?

It’s all about passion, dedication and discipline. If you have only one of them that can brings you a temporal satisfaction or income, but if you have all three and you nourish them with all the time and put effort to improve yourself you will be successful and fulfillled! I am still learning and I am happy about it.

That’s a little about Ella Des who has an amazing Etsy shop which you can visit here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Ellad2. So, do remember that if you want to succeed, work hard and smart for it!

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