Featured Interview: A Bit About Wire Jewelry Artist, KicaBijoux

When we follow people, celebrities, artists or any person that we admire or someone that inspire us, we try and find facts and get inside scoop about them. It always interests us to know more about them. I’m sure many of you have seen the wire jewelry designs and creations by KicaBijoux and probably, you’ve been following her. Well, we did an interview with her and here’s a bit about Kasia.

1. Tell us about yourself and location. Do you have a job or jewelry making is your job?

Hi! My name is Kasia and I live in a small town in Poland. Although I have a degree in archaeology I decided to make my jewelry passion my day job, so for last few years, I’m full-time jewelry maker.

2. When people start doing jewelry, they tend to try a lot of different things before settling down to something that resonates with them. What makes you decide to focus on wire jewelry making?

Clea – my little helper

When I started thinking about making jewelry I was fortunate to stumble upon some beautiful wire wrapping work and it was love from the first sight. I wasn’t searching a lot, I knew that I wanted to try it right away. Funny enough I tried few other techniques during my jewelry making adventure but nothing felt like wire wrapping. I guess I was lucky that I discovered this technique at the beginning of my hobby, which turned a few years later into full-time job.

3. You have an Etsy shop where you sell your creations and published tutorials. How did you start your online shop? Kindly, give us tips on how to start an online shop.

I was searching for an international market where I could sell my pieces and Etsy was an obvious choice. It was easy to open the shop, more challenging was attracting clients to it. I guess I’m still evolving and learning new things about this market, but the most important thing which never changes is to always work on the photographs. Since it’s online market, and customers can’t truly see items they are buying it’s crucial to make photos alluring and simply beautiful.

4. Every artist has a personal “creative process”, can you explain yours?

I drink too much coffee while working

It all starts from beads and gemstones. I need to find the right one, the beautiful one, and starting from there I try to make something to feature the beauty of the stone. I hardly ever draw my designs before creating it. I have a basic idea what I want to make, but very often I let myself go where inspiration takes me, so from time to time, I’m truly surprised how different the outcome is from the idea I had at the beginning of the work.

5. Can you share with us some wire jewelry making or design tips?

It’s not good to put limits and boundaries on the ideas and designs you have in your mind. It’s good to experiment, learn during the process of making. I always tell my clients that tutorials I made should just be the base on which they can build their own creations.

It’s all about the beauty of the stones

6. Most jewelry designers prefer to spend their free time creating jewelry. What about you? Do you have other ways or activities that you spend your free time?

I have some other hobbies like learning languages and horseback riding. In my opinion, it’s necessary to have some other hobbies in order to maintain the equilibrium in life. Saying that, I always find pleasure in returning to work, since I honestly think that it relaxes me the most

My workspace

7. How do you see yourself in the next year or so? What do you still hope for?

This is such a difficult question! I hope I will evolve and learn new things. There are many things I want to try which concerns jewelry making. I wish I can find the courage to explore more what is still waiting for me to be explored.

KicaBijoux has been a Contributor in several DIY Jewelry Making Magazine issues. When it comes to wire jewelry designs, we find KicaBijoux’s designs wearable, simple yet fashionable. Check out her wire jewelry tutorials with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine!


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