Featured Czech Beads: Pellet Beads Beading Tutorial

Here’s something you can play with in making beaded jewelry – Czech Glass Pellet Beads!

These small, cylindrical beads are slightly pinched in the middle. The stringing hole runs through the pinched middle, so these beads stack up nicely in designs and fit together well. These are excellent options for using with soutache cord. These beads will add new dimension to your designs. They are versatile in size, so you can use them as accents in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Pellet beads also compliment well with other beads, especially, seed beads.

The center of the Pellet beads is like an hourglass shape where beads precisely interlock during stringing. Here’s a bracelet designed by Kerrie Slade where she used 3 colors of Pellet beads, some jump rings and a sliding clasp.

Pellet beads can also be used to create dimension. They are great for creating flower-like petals. Watch Beading Away’s Pellet Bead Ring Tutorial.

Now, here’s how Deborah Hodoyer of CrownofStones played with Pellet beads on her Starla Earrings. She used Pellet beads for the points of the star.


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