Featured Beadwork Designer: Iula Postica of Beaded Treasury

Saying hello from Moldova! Meet Iula Postica, the passionate beadwork designer behind Beaded Treasury.

Iulia_Postica_ab From archaeology to crocheting, to beadweaving, Iula has learned all these since her childhood days. She was taught by her grandmother how to crochet and acquired her father’s interest in archeology. An archaeologist herself, her first discovery was a medieval bronze button.

Being a fan of crocheting and knitting, she has then developed a passion for beadwork and jewelry making. She started with bead crochet as a logical development of her crocheting skills, but she equally loves beadweaving and bead embroidery as well. She adores beads and everything she can create with them; all the variety of bead shapes and colors inspire Iula to create new jewelry designs. Currently, she now focuses on making beading patterns to share with all bead lovers.

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Aside from beadweaving, Iula also enjoys metal hammering and wirework as it gives her the possibility to express herself in materials used by human communities since ancient times: copper, brass, glass seed beads and gemstones. Well, her is where her being an archaeologist transpire.


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