1.    What is DIY Beading Club?

Is a member site dedicated for jewelry making enthusiasts. Jewelry making tutorials for beading, wirework, chain maille and many other techniques are published and showcased on our Lessons Gallery. Joining the club is free and you can access free resources. Members can opt to purchase solo tutorials, monthly issues and subscription plans to have access to more jewelry making tutorials. DIY Beading Club is also a sister-site to Handmade-Jewelry-Club, the popular handmade jewelry making magazine and DiyLessons.org website founded by Jane Chew aka XQDesigns.


2.    Monthly Lesson Plans
Generally, tutorials at DIY Beading Club are offered as Monthly Lesson Plans called “Issues.” Each month we publish a new issue with 5 set of jewelry tutorials chosen by us. Tutorials are carefully chosen to cater all skill levels, beginner, intermediate and advance. All Issues are in downloadable PDF format. Click HERE to see all Issues.


3.   Where to find all our lessons?
All tutorials listed on the site will be found at the Lessons Gallery.


4.    What are the options available for purchasing or subscribing lessons, monthly issues or membership from DIY Beading Club?

There are several ways to purchase or subscribe:
A.  Monthly Issues – each issue comes with set of 5 tutorials in downloadable PDF format. For each issue, you just need to make payment one off, and you will be able to download all the PDF files included in the respective issue. Currently, we have 1 – 33 Issues to choose from. Click HERE for more details


B.    Membership Plans
1.    Platinum – is a subscription membership type package where jewelry making tutorials in PDF format are compiled in Issues. Subscribers will get access to 1 Issue each month.  We have carefully chosen the set of tutorials for each issue to cater all skill levels, beginner, intermediate and advance. Click HERE for more details.


2.    Titanium – is a syllabus similar to Platinum Subscription Membership Package. This subscription allows you to access 5 set of jewelry lessons in web based format (No PDF download). Each month, 5 set of tutorials chosen by us will automatically be available on your account. Content under Titanium is updated on a monthly basis. Click HERE for more details.


3.    Gold – is your UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Lessons Gallery with over 100 jewelry making tutorials and includes DIY Beading Magazine Issues. The Lessons Gallery is updated and new tutorials are  loaded on a regular basis. Tutorials under Gold Membership are in web-based format and Ad Supported. All tutorials listed on the site will be accessible to you anytime and any day as long as you keep your Gold Membership active. Click HERE for more details.


4.    Super Deal Lessons Bundle – is your instant access to 12 Issues included under Platinum package. Super Deal 1 gives you instant access to Issues 1-12 while Super Deal 2 gives you access to Issues 13-24 and Super Deal 2 gives you access to Issue 25-33, including DIY Beading Magazine #22-#24. Click HERE for more details.



6.    Super Saving – is your access to 8 solo tutorials in downloadable PDF format. This type of product gives you access to choose any 8 solo tutorials you’ll find at the Lessons Gallery. Click HERE for more details.


C.    Solo Tutorials – are single solo tutorials in PDF format that you can purchase.


5.    How to join the club as a free member
A.    At the Homepage click on SIGN UP you’ll find at the upper right corner.
B.    At the SIGN UP page, choose FREE Getting Started with Basic Jewelry Making Skills at the sign up page. Fill-in your details and click on “NEXT.”


6.    How to purchase a Membership Package or Product
A.    Log In to your account.
B.    Click on ADD/RENEW SUBSCRIPTION. Choose what membership type you’d like to subscribe or product you’d like to purchase.
C.    Click on “NEXT” and then make payment through your Paypal account.


7.   How to access tutorials
A.    Log In to your account
B.    At the Main Page, under ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS you’ll find your purchased membership package, and other products, and their expiration dates.
C.    Under ACTIVE RESOURCES are links to click so you can view or download the tutorials available to you in accordance to your membership type and/or purchased product.
D.    For Gold Members, visit the Lessons Gallery, click on a tutorial image you like and then MEMBER LOG IN


8.    Payment Processor
Members can pay through Paypal account that allows you to fund the account using bank account, debit card and credit card.


9.    How to cancel subscription/membership plans
A.     Log In to your account
B.    Click Payments History tab
C.    Under your Active Subscriptions, click on Cancel for the corresponding membership/subscription you like to cancel.
D.    Log in also to your Paypal account and follow this LINK how to automatic recurring payments


For any further questions please use the CONTACT US form to send your questions. We will try and respond to all queries on a timely manner.