Easy Different Ways to Create a Necklace

We received a message on our Facebook Page regarding how to create a necklace. The follower has a pendant and would like to try on creating the necklace part for the pendant. I thought of sharing here on the blog different ways how to create a necklace.

There are many ways to create the necklace for a pendant, but for a beginner, there are several easy different ways how to do it. One of the easiest ways is to attach a chain. Below are some examples.

Chains are easy to find in the market and they are available in many varieties and colors. Before only silver and gold, but now, there are many finishes like rhodium, brass, bronze, rose gold, gunmetal and antique finish. The rings are also made-manufactured in different sizes. To attach a chain necklace, you can use bails and jump rings.

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Another easy way is by attaching leather cords.

Leather cords are available in many colors. At DIY Jewelry Making shop we have rounded, flat and weaved cords that you can buy in bulk or in meters.

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If you’re going to use leather cords you will need these special findings to cover the ends of the cord for its protection. The simplest would be using foldable crimp cover tips for flat cords and spring end fasteners or end caps for rounded cords. You can also use knotting techniques if you opt not to use these special findings for cords.

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The most common way of creating a necklace is the stringing technique. Simply use your choice of beads. String them together until you reach your desired length.

For stringing, it is best to use a sturdy material like the tigertail wire that is available in different thickness.

Tigertail is an economical type of stringing wire made with 7 stainless steel cables that are braided together then coated with a layer of nylon. This is suitable, especially, if for pendants that have weight.

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If you want to try tigertail, you will need special findings such as crimp beads and crimp tubes to secure tigertail ends.

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There are still many other ways to create a necklace for a pendant. There are some hobbyists and crafters that are very creative, they can come up and make use of any material for making necklaces. Just use your imagination and be creative!

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