DIY Wood Beads for Jewelry Making

If you’re looking for s Boho Chic style DIY accessory, look for wooden beads and at DIY Jewelry Making Supplies Shop, we have a variety of wood beads to choose from!

wood beads Wood beads are unique beads that you can incorporate in your jewelry making. You can pair them with clay beads, ceramic or gemstones. Or create an ethnic style piece of jewelry and go for all-wood beads and leather accessory and unlike when you use big gemstones and beads, wood beads are lightweight and therefore, they are great for necklaces and bracelets.

There are a variety of finishes for wood beads. Mostly, you’ll find them in natural colors, but you can also find wood beads that are painted and varnished. Most wooden beads are circular and elongated but nowadays, you’ll find them in different fun and unique shapes and very colorful as well.

Here are some inspirations for making jewelry with wood beads!

wood beads wood beads wood beads

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wood beads wood beads
wood beads wood beads wood beads
wood beads wood beads wood beads

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