DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Fly Pendant Part 1

Learn how to use simple materials and turn them into a beautiful insect. The fly pendant is a very versatile design as you can come up with your own design by altering the technique. You can alter the size of the pendant, add more beads or position the spirals differently to come up with your own unique design. While I was creating the fly, I imagine it can be turned into a beetle, octopus or simply any pendant with spirals.

Check out these oval beads that you can use to create the pendant!

Size: 1.5cm*2.9cmSize: 13x18mm 15X20mmSize: 29x20mmSize: 8x13mm/13x18mm

Step 1:
Cut 2 20ga wire of 30cm in length (shorter wire) and 2 20ga wire of 32cm in length (longer wire). Take 2 shorter wire and 1 longer wire and place the 3 wires neatly and they should start from the same point at the end. So at the other end at the top, you will see the long wire is 2cm longer than the other 2 shorter wires.

Place the middle of other longer wire measuring 32cm in length horizontally on top of the 3 wires. The length where the cross between the vertical and horizontal wire should be at 10cm from the beginning of the long wire measuring 32cm.

Wrap the horizontal wire 2 to 3 times around the other 3 wires. This can be done by bending the end on the right to the left and the end on the left to the right side. Pull it slightly to ensure it wrap around the 3 wires securely.

Step 2:
Now place the oval bead into one of the wires.

Step 3:
At the back of the bead, with the help of the pliers, lift the 2 wires upward about 60 degrees from the wire. Curl the 2 wires slightly and place them nicely on the bead. This will allow a smooth layout from the front view.

Step 4:
At the other end, bend one of the wires to 90 degrees and wrap it around the other 2 wires.

Step 5:
Now back to the start of the bead. From step 1, it would already have a cross. The horizontal wire at one end to the joint should be approximately 15cm. Trim both ends to ensure they have the same measurement.

Step 6:
Make spiral for the wire at the right. To make a spiral, use your round nose pliers and make a loop upward.

Step 7:
Leave about 4cm of wire between the spirals and the middle of the bead.

Bend the wire downward to place it on top of the bead. You might place a small mandrel below the wire to help you bend the wire nicely.

Step 8:
Make another spiral for the other side. Make sure the spiral is upward facing the left side. Leave about 4cm of wire and bend the wire to place it nicely on the bead. You might have realised the spirals are the wings for the fly. Adjust the length by rolling the spirals upward until you reach your desired location to place the spirals. We will make two more sets that will be placed above these spirals.

Step 9:
Turn to the back of the bead, bend the wire which was used to wrap around the wire at the bottom upward. Bend one more wire upward. Place them at the back of the bead.

Turn to the front view of the bead. Bring the left wire to the front of the joint and wrap it around the wires above the joint by bringing it the back towards the left and to the right side again. By doing so, you have made 1 wrap around the wires. Repeat the same for the right wire by wrapping the wires 1 time. Place both ends horizontally. Both ends should be measuring 12cm between one end to the centre of the joint. Trim those ends to ensure they are of the same length.

Make spirals at both ends. Leave about 3 cm of wire between the spiral and the joint. As you are using a shorter wire to make the spiral, your spirals should be smaller than the 2 we made in the previous steps.

Place them on top of the 2 spirals below.

Step 10:
Now place a small 4mm round bead into the last wire left at the bottom of the bead. Bend the wire upward towards the front view.

Insert the wire into the hole within the joint between the small and the big beads. Pull it in slowly until the entire wire is brought to the back.

Step 11:
Once the wire has gone through fully, pull it towards and place them on top of the oval bead.

Step 12:
Now there are 4 wires left on top of the bead. Take the 2 longest wires. Trim them to 9cm from one end to the centre of the bead. Wrap them around the joint, pull them down to 90 degrees to place them horizontally.

The pendant/cabochon is starting to look like it’s having its wings! Little by little you can now imagine what a beautiful insect is coming to life 🙂 But let’s not finish it, yet. Stay tuned for tomorrow and see how you can finish your fly, “insect, bee or whatever you want to call it” pendant.

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