DIY Wire Jewelry Heart Pendant Tutorial

Preparing early for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a wire jewelry heart pendant tutorial you can learn!  The tutorial will teach you simple wire manipulation, wire beadweaving and wire weaving that created the vein-like weave that covered the heart frame. Suitable for beginners, in less than an hour, you’ll be able to make two woven uneven heart pendants.

Step 1:
Cut at least 18cm (7 inches) of 0.8mm (20 ga) copper wire.
Step 2:
Bend the wire and create a “V” shape using your nose pliers approximately at 8cm (3 inches) from one end of the wire.
Step 3:
Fold the wire with the help of a pair of flat nose wire pliers. One end should measure 10cm (4 inches) and the other end should measure 8cm (3 inches).
Step 4:
Separate the wires again and pinch the folded end, shown in arrow to create a pointed end. This will be the bottom of your heart.
Step 5:
With the 8cm (3 inches) wire, create a curved/looped corner using a mandrel or any rounded object as a guide. In this tutorial, we used the end of the nose pliers.
Step 6:
After creating a curved corner, extend the wire downward, towards the pinched bottom of your heart.
Step 7:
Do the same for the side. The end of the wires should meet together.Note:
The heart frame should have an uneven shape; one side bigger than the other.
Step 8:
After shaping your heart frame, place the heart frame on a steel block and use a hammer to flatten and harden the wire by hammering throughout the frame slowly.
Step 9:
Bring up your 0.3mm (28 ga) wire and cut 40cm (16 inches). Wrap one end onto the 20 ga wires at least 2 times like shown in this picture.
Step 10:
Slide in 1 bicone crystal and position the crystal onto the 20 ga wires.
Step 11:
Wrap the wire with the bicone crystal and then wrap again 2 times after the bicone crystal.
Step 12:
Repeat Steps 10 & 11 and wrap at least 4 or 5 crystals.
Step 13:
After wrapping two times after the last bicone crystal, flip your heart. Weave the wire by leaving a space, a few centimetres and wrap again once.
Step 14:
Continue to weave the wire by leaving again a space and wrapping once.
Step 15:
Repeat Steps 13 & 14 until you’ve wrapped one side of the heart. You now have created your first line of loops.
Step 16:
Continue to weave your 2nd line of loops by weaving over and going all the way around your 1st line of loops.
Step 17:
After weaving your 2nd line of loops, weave the middle part, going zigzag and through the left and right loops to cover the empty space like shown in arrows. Secure by wrapping neatly onto the heart frame and cut off excess wire.
diy wire jewelry Step 18
Cut another 40cm of 0.3mm (28 ga). Repeat Steps 14 to 17 for the other side of the heart.
You have completed the Woven Uneven Heart Pendant. Hope you like it!


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