DIY Wire Jewelry: Crisscross Wired Earrings

diy wire jewelry Here is a simple wire jewelry design where wire weaving has been used, but see how by incorporating basic wire weaving with round beads it created a new piece. With this DIY wire jewelry tutorial, you’re bringing your basic wire weaving skills to the next level and learn how to wire weave with beads.


Prepare the following materials:

2 pcs 14 inches x 0.7mm (21ga)
1 3cm (1.2 inches) 21ga (optional)
4mm round bead Jump rings


Step 1: Preparation
Cut 14 inches 21ga wire.
Step 2:
Using your round pliers, grip the wire at the center and make a loop by bringing each wire to the opposite side and wrapping onto the tip of the round nose pliers.
You will have a loop.
Step 3:
Cut another14 inches 21ga wire and insert the wire into the loop with both ends of equal size. Position the wires like so and get ready to fold the wires.Note:
Do not change the position of the wires from Step 3 onwards so as to avoid confusion on what side of the wire/piece you need to fold.
Step 4: Weaving – folding the wires
With the wires positioned like that of Step 3,you’ll see there’s the up wire, down wire, right wire and left wire. Fold the “down wire and up wire” to its opposite directions.
You now have the wires crossing each other.
Step 5: Crisscross with beads
On your left wire slide in 1 round bead.
Fold the left wire to the opposite direction as shown in this picture. Then fold the right wire to its opposite direction.
Step 6:
Fold the “up wire and down wire” to its opposite directions.
Looking closely, the newly folded wires should be over the wires with beads.
Step 7:
Repeat Step 5 and fold the wires with beads to its opposite directions. Then continue with Step 6.
Step 8:
Repeat Step 4 to 7 until you reach your desired length or until you have 12 round beads wrapped. This is how it should like. The round beads seem to be lying on top of the knots.
This is how it looks like at the back.
Step 9:
After reaching your desired length and is finished folding the wires with beads make a last fold by repeating Step 4. Wrap and fold the wires tightly to secure the wires.
Step 10:
Take 3 of the wires and make a loop. Tuck in and cut off excess wire, but leave one wire uncut.
Step 11:
Take a mandrel and make “U” shape.
diy wire jewelry Step 12:
With the extended wire left uncut, make an ear wire. Slightly bend the wire at the middle. Attach a jump ring onto the other end and insert the extended wire. Repeat Steps 1 to 12 and create another pair.