DIY Wire Bracelet with Bicones

Today, we’ll be featuring a DIY wire bracelet with bicones by Christina Larsen.

Christina loves making jewelry in a wide range of mediums. You will find her tutorials and DIY jewelry in her video tutorials. Her main mediums are wirework, macrame’ and Kumihimo, but she also expands into other mediums, while experimenting with mixing the different mediums together to achieve something new and different and Christina enjoys passing her┬áknowledge and experience to help others make their own personalized pieces.

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Where to buy materials:

0.8mm round copper wire (20ga) 4mm bicones 13mm ribbon ends
Extender Chain Jump Rings Lobster clasp


Step 1:
Cut 5 x 40cm (16 inches) 20ga wire. Make sure the wires are straight and without any kinks on them. Gather one end the wire, bend evenly and wrap with electrical tape.
Separate the wire starting from the end with the electrical tape. Have 2 wires on your left and 3 wires on your right.
Step 2:
Braid with the 3 wires on your right. Bring the outer wire over the middle wire
Then bring the outer wire under the inner wire.
…and then continue to bring the outer wire towards the 2 wires on your left.
So now you have 3 wires on your left.
Step 3:
Braid with the wires on your left. Bring the other wire over the middle wire.
Then continue to bring the outer wire under the inner wire and then towards the right side.
So now you have again 3 wires on your right.
Step 4:
Repeat Step 2 and 3 several times until you reach your desired length or at least 4-5 times.
Step 5:
Now that you know how to braid wires, let’s add the bicones. Work with wires on your right. Slide in a bicone on the outer wire.
Follow Step 2 how to braid.
Then simply repeat with the wires on your left side with bicones.
Just keep braiding with bicones until you reach your desired length. Once you reached your desired length, braid without the bicones. The number of braids should match the other end or the start of the bracelet.
Step 6:
Measure approximately where you want to attach the ribbon ends.
Then cut off the excess wires.
Using chain nose pliers, bend the end of the wires inward.
Then check if the ribbon end fits.
Use a toothpick and dab a glue inside the ribbon ends. Dab a glue at the end of the wires as well.
Insert the end of the wire into the ribbon ends and gently press using a flat nose pliers then leave the glue to dry. Repeat Step 6 and do the same for the other end.
Step 7:
Attach a jump ring at both ends. On one end, attach the chain and a lobster clasp on the other end. Bend and shape the bracelet into a circle.

Hope you liked our featured DIY wire bracelet. Happy jewelry making!

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