DIY Superduo Bracelet Tutorial

When 2-hole beads were made available in the market Superduo was very popular and I guess up to now, Superduo is still a favorite beading material for us, beading enthusiasts and hobbyist.

Today, we will be featuring a tutorial by one of our Contributing Artists, Zsuzsanna Szilagyi, the Martha Bracelet. First, let’s meet the designer.

I am Hungarian, from Budapest. Originally I am an HR specialist. However, when we moved to Bratislava / Slovak Republik I had problems to find a job since I did not speak Slovak at that time. I was lucky to find friends and make living from my hobby of making jewelry. I worked with beads and soutache. We opened the first bead shop in Slovakia with a friend of mine, a few years later we opened a jewelry shop, too. Now both shops are handled by friends, since last year before Christmas I opened a webshop for East-European designers called Making patterns is one of favourite hobby.

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Step 1:
12 pcs 11/0 cylinder beads around your chatton.

Step 2:
Continue with 11/0 seedbeads.

Step 3:
Use SuperDuo and 11/0 seedbeads

Step 4:
Use SuperDuo.

Step 5:
Use SuperDuo and 11/0 seedbeads.

Step 6:
Use 11/0 cylinder beads and 15/0 seed beads. Repeat all the steps and connect until you reach your desired length.