DIY Statement Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Hello beautiful people! Yes, you are beautiful! And do you know what you can do with your free time? Make jewelry of course! Leather cuff sound good? Then let’s head on to today’s wonderful tutorial by one of our magazine contributors – Xenia!

Today’s tutorial is all about how you can use beads and some spikes to make a wonderful and beautiful statement cuff for yourself!



The tutorial is easy to follow so what are you waiting for? Before we start, here’s the material list:


She places the template and then draws the outline on the template.




Little tip: make a picture of your pattern and use it as a template



Make sure you have enough space on the edges for the presser foot


6 7 8


Use a can to give your cuff a round shape 9

Glue velcro to the cuff- one part on the outside and another part on the inside of the cuff.


Cut off the rest

11 12

Trim the edges

13 14 15

And now you have your own statement cuff bracelet!


Did you like this tutorial? I bet you did! Now you can mix and match any types of beads that you have, and make any pattern as you please! Make it for a friend or a family member! Make it manly for your guy friends or family members too! Change to beads to maybe bolts and nuts? Or maybe design your name and customize your style and show it off to everyone!

Xenia also contributed to our magazine – DIY Jewelry Making #33!


I am Xenia from Berlin, Fashion Designer by day and horror movie fan by night. About 3 years ago I’ve decided to use my “secret” knowledge of sewing and my passion for telling people what to do to create a blog for everyone with a true DIYer Heart, Traveler soul and Foodie stomach. It was always so hard for me to focus on just one thing, maybe that’s why my blog is devoted to so many different things
You can also check out her website and see what else she has prepared for you!

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With these tutorials, you will be able to paint the night red and have a wonderful statement jewelry piece to pair with your outfit!

Be prepared to put together these awesome bracelets and have them in your jewelry collection today!




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