DIY Kheops Beads Earrings Tutorial plus Free Bracelet Jewelry Making Kit

It’s time for some freebies on this lovely weekend Saturday! Today, you’ll be learning an earrings tutorial from DIY Jewelry Making Magazine Contributing Artist, Zsuzsanna Szilagyi.

Owner of biZSUterie, Zsuzsanna Szilagyi is an avid beader and jewelry maker for 10 years now. From Budapest, Zsuzsanna moved to Slovak Republik where she found friends and make a living from making jewelry. She fell in love working with beads and Soutache’ and soon, she opened the first bead shop in Slovakia and then after a few years, she opened a jewelry shop, too. Since making jewelry patterns has turned into a hobby, she is now a publisher, too and started sharing her jewelry patterns. Read more…

Today, Zsuzsanna will teach you how to make, “Betty Earrings!”

earrings tutorial
earrings tutorial STEP 1.
Pick up six Super-Khéops / seven seed beads and go back through the empty hole of the last two Super-Khéops. Pick up two Super-Khéops and go through the empty hole of the first two Super-Khéops. Add seven seed beads at the end of the creation.
earrings tutorial STEP 2.
Add seven seed beads, making a loop six seed beads and seven seed beads again on both sides. Making a loop add five seed beads to make a holder.
earrings tutorial STEP 3.
Add one seed bead between the six/seven sequences (two times on both sides). Pick up two seed beads and making a loop go through two seed beads in the middle of the sequences on both sides, and at the bottom, as well, by going through the peak bead.
earrings tutorial STEP 4.
Crossing the motif add a sequence of six seed beads / one chaton montés (or bicone) / six seed beads. Turn back through the side beads, and going through the chaton add six-six seed beads.
earrings tutorial

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