DIY Jewelry Set Jewelry Making Tutorials

I know that most of us girls love to wear jewelry in sets. It does not matter if it is a set of earrings and a ring, or a bracelet and a necklace, or necklace and earrings. As long as it is a set, there is this satisfaction of having a complete jewelry piece! Weird, but it’s true to me! There are many simple set jewelry making tutorials and also some more advanced. Some uses beads, others recycle or upcycle to make their jewelry sets.

So I have gathered a few jewelry making tutorials that uses different materials to complete, and let us see which one suits  you best and which one you love best!

Up first, are using jump rings. This is a fun way of making an interesting chainmaille jewelry set! Use any colors or any jump rings with any designs and you will be with a beautiful set of jewelry in no time! Maybe also have a splash of rainbow colors!

Tutorial by Alexandra

Shrinky dinks your cup of tea? Make some with patterns and you cab customize it to fit a small child or an adult! Do remember that size of the shrinky dink plastic shrinks quite a bit and the final size is usually 1/3 of the original size you cut out!

Tutorial by Amy


If paper is what you like to use, then quill your jewelry set! This video tutorial has such an appealing design! It is like making a sun and a very shiny one to boot! I really like how the designer added on the rhinestones to enhance her tutorial pieces!



Want to bead a set together? Don’t fret! Here’s a set of circle earrings and pendant tutorial which you will have fun making!

Tutorial by Gina’s Gem Creations

Hex nuts can be made into jewelry too! Glue a few together and make a design! This designer did just that! She made hers not only for earrings, but also a bracelet and a pendant!

Tutorial by Stephanie


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