DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #81: Simple Classy Beaded Jewelry

Explore simple yet classy designs for beaded jewelry

In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we are featuring 3 jewelry tutorials perfect for beginning students, but intermediate skilled will love as well. The designs in this issue are simple, yet classy and suitable for any occasion.

Happy Jewelry Making!

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Here’s a sneak preview of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #81

Here’s what you’ll learn with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #81!

Meet our Contributors!

Adina Vaida

Hi! My name is Adina Vaida. I live with my family in a beautiful city on the Romanian seaside. I am the mother of two great kids and I have a background in Economy. I fell in love with beading many years ago when I first saw a piece of beadwork. I knew then what I would do for the rest of my life. Read more…

Krisztina Szegediné

Art and handcraft have always been an important part of my life. My mother taught me knitting and embroidering in my youth. I always created my own things but for long I had no time for crafting because of my day job and my family. Then about 10 years ago I found the beads as a hobby. After learning beading techniques for years I started making my own designs and lately dedicate most of my time to crafting. Read more…

Vitalija Velyviene

My story begins in Las Vegas… Never thought I will be making jewelry until visited the Liberace museum in 2006. I saw many beautifully embroidered costumes by Swarovski, beads, stones… Can’t believe all the beauty I saw! And then I start dreaming…what if I’ll try to go to beading competition with no skills at all?. Read more…

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