DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #80 Glam-up Jewelry Tutorials

Make glamorous jewelry with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #80

Wanna make wire jewelry? Or you want to try on beading? Well, you can try both with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #80! In this issue, we are featuring a wire tutorial for advanced skilled and beading tutorials for beginner and intermediate students. All tutorials have detailed step by step instructions and clear images and diagrams.

Happy Jewelry Making!

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Here’s what you’ll learn with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #80!

Meet our Contributors!

Natalie Doroshenko

While I was on maternity leave and didn’t work, I was looking for a new activity. I tried to find something creative, interesting for me. I drew pastel, oil paints, molded from polymer clay. Then I saw a wire wrapping jewelry. I fell in love. It was in 2011. Since that moment I didn’t leave wire wrapping activity. Read more…

Assza Jewelrymania

I’m the leader of a local beading team and as a volunteer, I teach them who are interested in beading. I pay close attention to the high quality of my pattern. I’m always trying to draw my illustrations to be clear and easily understandable. Beading jewelry design is my life, not just my work. Read more…

Debbie Patel

Hi, I’m Debbie. I’ve always loved crafts and always will. My favorite is beadweaving. I’ve discovered that I can share my love of jewelry making through tutorials. Making new designs fuels my soul and satisfies my need to create and be productive. Read more…

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