DIY Halloween Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Gothic Chandelier Earrings

Learn to create an all-black theme wire chandelier earrings. With this wire jewelry tutorial, you’ll learn wirework techniques such as creating loops with a wigjig tool, wire wrapping and creating dangles. You’ll create components that when constructed can turn into a chandelier earrings. Black is mysterious, black is elegant. Both mysterious and elegant is a perfect description for a Gothic Chandelier Earrings!

Prepare the following materials:

wire jewelry tutorial20 gauge black wire

wire jewelry tutorial28 gauge black wire

8mm pearl

6mm pearl

4mm pearl

3mm pearl

Step 1: Insert your pegs in your Centaur wigjig tool, forming a U shape or a half circle. Looking closely on a diagram, this is how you should position your pegs.


Step 2: Cut 7 inches 20ga wire. Leaving at least 2 inches tail, position the wire diagonally on the 1st peg on the left.

wire jewelry tutorial


Hold the extended wire and in clockwise direction, wrap it once around the 1st peg, Then continue onto the 2nd peg, 3rd peg and 4th peg, and so on and so forth, until you wrap the wire onto all the pegs.

wire jewelry tutorial

Step 3: When you’re finished wrapping the wire, pull it out from the wigjig. Press the loops with your thumb or with your flat nose pliers to flatten the wire. Cut off excess wire from the 1st and last loop.

Step 4: Repeat from Step 1 and create another one, but adjust the 2nd piece and form a triangle.


Step 5: Cut 2-3 inches of 28ga wire. Connect 2 pieces on the side loops shown in arrow by wrapping the 28ga wire at least 3 times. Cut off excess wire. Repeat the previous step and do the same for the other side shown on arrow. You now have your ear frame.


Step 6: Cut another 2-3 inches 28ga wire and wrap onto the 1st loop of the lower ear frame. Wrap the wire onto the inner side of the 1st loop. Insert your 12mm pearl. Secure the pearl by wrapping the other end onto the inner side of the last loop from the 1st ear frame. Cut off excess wire.

wire jewelry tutorial wire jewelry tutorial

Step 7: Prepare the following materials:
2 inches 20ga wire
3pcs 0.3mm pearls
2pcs 0.4mm pearls
0.5mm pearls

Make a loop at one end of the wire. Slide in the pearls from smallest to biggest and secure by creating another loop at the other end. You now have your dangles. Create 2 more dangles.

wire jewelry tutorialStep 8: Bring up your ear frame and then attach your dangles. Repeat from Step wire jewelry tutorial1 and create a pair. Continue with the all-black theme. Attach black ear wires and you’re done!

You can also create a variation. Attach only 1 dangle or maybe make the dangles longer.

Happy jewelry making!

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