DIY Earrings: Andrea Earrings Tutorial

Today, we’ll be featuring a DIY earrings tutorial from one of our Contributing Artist, Erzsébet Kis Jakab, owner and creator of Soutachebypanka.

Erzsébet lives with her daughter and partner in Hungary, Szolnok. She’s been making pearl jewelry since 2009. She’s tried many techniques so far, but making soutache jewelry is her passion.

We have featured some of her tutorials in DIY Jewelry Making Magazines and today, we’re giving away Andrea Earrings Tutorial for free!

Prepare the materials. Choose your own color scheme.

diy earrings

1. Pick up 8mm + 11/0 + 3mm + piggy + 11/0 + piggy + 3mm + 11/0.

diy earrings

2. Make a loop.

diy earrings

3. Pick up 11/0 + 3mm + 11/0 + 4mm + 11/0 + 3mm + 11/0

4. Make a loop

5. Exit the 8mm bead pick up 11/0 + 4mm and go through the other hole of a piggy.

6. Pick up 2 dagger beads and go through the next piggy.

7. Pick up 4 mm + 11/0 and go through the 8mm.

8. It looks like this!

9. Make the spot for the hanger….exit the 11/0 pick up 3 pieces of 15/0 + 11/0 + metal+ 11/0+ 3 pieces of 15/0.

11. Go through the next 11/0 seed bead.

11. Exit the dagger pick up dagger and go through the dagger bead.

diy earrings

Earring is finished!

diy earrings

Create a matching necklace with the Andrea Pendant Tutorial!

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