DIY Christmas Jewelry: Wire Snowflake Ring

Christmas is just around the corner. Here’s a Christmas jewelry inspired by snowflakes!

This tutorial will show you step by step how to craft a snowflake ring from wire. The difficulty of the project is medium, but this is relatively, because if you have the desire to do it, you can achieve great results even if you are a newbie.

Before we start, let’s meet the author, Kosy Hristova.

Kosy Hristova lives in the beautiful city of Varna – on the Black Sea coast \ Southeast Europe -Bulgaria. Kosy graduated from a college of stylistic and design and for twenty+ years now have been making jewelry from natural gems and wire, craft designs wedding jewelry from freshwater pearls and seashells, starfish and sea snails – barefoot sandals, tiaras, necklaces and bracelets and hair accessories.

Kosy’s objective is guided by her intuition to combine various shapes and colors to achieve something beautiful that would bring joy and self-esteem to the persons wearing my pieces of jewelry.

A popular jewelry Kosy created a couple years is the zipper jewelry. The idea came when she saw a big pile of discarded zippers in front of a sewing workshop. As it turned out, jewelry made of zipper is a great accessory for day wear or even full dress. When you wear that kind of jewelry, you can not go unnoticed, because it is very interesting, stylishly and unique.

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Fold the wire in the middle with the pliers with smooth beaks. With the inside part of the pliers make a rounded tip, as shown in the picture.

Form the side tips the same way,

This is the first beam of the snowflake.

The wire from the two sides of the beam is twisted in a circle.

For most accurate making of the all six beams, you can use a circle drawing, divided into six parts.

The next beam must be made from the top of the peak, but be careful not to make it like the first one. Make them differ.

The same way craft the other beams of the snowflake, using the circle drawing.

When joining the first with the last beam, the two wires must be put in one circle, one on another.

Take the 0,3mm wire and cut it to 12 even parts with length around 5-6cm

Use the wire pieces to wrap and tighten the places when the thicker wire is joined. The ends of the 0,3mm wire must be cut and hidden good with the tweezers, so they don’t poke.

The same way join and tighten the two ends of the wire in the places where they form a circle like it is shown on the picture.

After that these ends must be crossed and wrap in 0,3mm wire to be tightened well.

Weaving wire this technique.

The two thicker wires must be straightened with the plastic tips pliers, and tangled pretty with the 0,3mm wire, to make beautiful ring foundation with the desired length. Measure the size of the ring with a cone or just on your finger.

When you reach the desired size, join the foundation of the ring with the snowflake. Tight them good with the 0,3mm wire, cut it and squeeze with the tweezers to ensure it doesn’t poke.

With a strong glue for metal or with six 0,3mm wires (I made it with glue, but you can use wire), join the beams of the snowflake in the bottom part. The wire snowflake must be hard and strong.

Fix the pearl in the center of the snowflake with the 0,3mm wire. The pearl must be fixed good, so you wrap good with wire, cut and squeeze with the tweezers until the end of the wire stop poking.

Use colorless nail polish to paint all the places where the two wires are joining and sprinkle with the glitter powder while the polish is still wet. After it dries, you will have cool frosting effect on the wire snowflake.

Happy jewelry making!

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