DIY Brickstitch Around a Ring: Sunshine Hoop Earrings

I am sure that these pair of earrings will make you smile. They’re like sunshine; bright, sunny and will make you feel happy. Using brickstitch around a ring technique, the earrings, when finished, is approximately 32mm in diameter, just perfect as hoop earrings. You can also apply the techniques you will learn with different size of closed rings, in case you want your hoop earrings bigger. I chose a yellow and orange range of colors for my hoop earrings but you can choose to use a different color that you prefer.

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Material A Material B

Material C

Material D Material E


Step 1:
Cut an arm span of thread. Bring up the closed ring and tie knot, leaving at least 6 – 7 inches tail. Then continue to string D, B & D. Now bring your thread under and around the ring and then pass back thru the last pearl strung. Pull the thread.
Step 2:
You have your thread coming out the last pearl. String B & D. Bring your thread under and around the ring again and pass back thru the pearl you just strung. Pull the thread.
Repeat previous step until you reach the end of the round with (15) 4mm pearls sewn onto the ring. When you reach the last pearl, string B and pass thru the very 1st pearl, going under and around the ring and come out the 1st pearl.
Step 3:
Now let’s weave the sun rays. Coming out of D, string C and A. Use A as your anchor bead so you need to pass back thru C. Same thing, go under and around the ring and then pass back thru D.Then you continue to pass the next B and D but you need to come out D in vertical position. So position your thread by going under and around the ring and then pass back thru D.Repeat the step until you reach the end of the round.
Step 4:
Now we have reached the end of the round and on the very 1st pearl again. Create your bail using right angle weave.After you have created the bail, pass back thru the pearls again and string A, E & A.
Use A as your anchor bead. Pass back thru E and A. Go under the ring and pass back thru D.
From here you can secure your thread by passing thru several pearls and beads and making knots. Cut off any excess thread.
Step 5:
Repeat from Step and create a pair. Attach your ear wires using 21ga jump rings and voila! Your Sunshine Hoop Earring will surely make you smile.

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