DIY Beading Project: Sunflower Bracelet Beading Tutorial

Here is a beading tutorial suitable for beginners and I’m sure, even the advanced skilled will like the outcome of this simple Sunflower Bracelet by Maria Arthur of The Bead Club Lounge.

Maria Arthur is one of our favorite DIY Jewelry Making Magazine Contributing Artist. Her tutorials are easy to understand that even beginners will be able to follow. She’s been contributing to DIY Jewelry Making Magazine since last year and you will find her tutorials and jewelry designs just perfect for casual wear and even for special occasions.

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beading tutorial Materials
– 4g 11/0 Seed beads, Colour 1 (A)
– 2g 11/0 Seed beads, Colour 2 (B)
– 4 yards of beading thread
– 1 size 12 beading needle
– Thread burner or sharp scissors
– Bead matSkill level: Beginner – Intermediate
beading tutorial Step 1: Thread your needle with a comfortable length of beading thread. Leaving a 4-inch tail, string 8A.

Step 2: Go through the first 2A strung from the tail end to form a circle.

beading tutorial Step 3: String 1B and pass through the next 2A of the circle of A’s.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 three more times. Continue through the first B strung.

beading tutorial Step 5: String 8A and pass through the 1B from the side opposite where your thread is exiting.

Step 6: Go through the first 2A of the 8A just added.

beading tutorial Step 7: Repeat Steps 3 and 4.
beading tutorial Step 8: Pass through the following 2A, 1B, 2A and 1B to exit the B where you need to attach the next circle of A’s.
beading tutorial Step 9: Repeat Steps 5-8 until you have reached your desired length. The first half of your bracelet is complete.
beading tutorial Step 10: To begin the second half of the bracelet, go through the next 2A and 1B to exit the side of the beadwork.

Step 11: String 8A and pass through the 1B from the side opposite where the thread is exiting.

beading tutorial Step 12: Go through the next 2A in the circle of beads strung in Step 11. Now, you are to create the other half of the bracelet.

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beading tutorial


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beading tutorial


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