1. Celtic Butterfly Connector Jewelry Making Tutorial G3

Here’s another jewelry connector that can be used in any of your jewelry project ideas; make it bigger for pendants or bracelet connectors and smaller for earrings. This joint project from Grace Zarfati and XQDesigns will teach you how to create a butterfly using a simple wire looping technique. You can also play with colors and use different colors of wire and use the butterflies as charms for your bracelet. Even kids will get attracted and would like their moms to make on for them. In this tutorial, an example of simple long earring can be created using the connector.

Celtic Knot Butterfly Connector


2. Puffy Wire Netted Beaded Heart Jewelry Making Tutorial T130

Fill again your day with love and make wire netted heart shape jewelry but this time, turn it into a perfect heart shape! This heart is a puffy netted heart that’s beating with bright red bicone crystals. The bicones filled the center part of the heart while it’s surrounding is filled with net-like weaved wire. The finished size is approximately 3cm x 3cm perfect as a pendant or a charm and using your imagination, you can also use it as pin. With the tutorial you will learn simple wire manipulation and wire weaving fit for intermediate and confident beginners.

Puffy Wire Netted Beaded Heart Jewelry Making Tutorial T130


3. Coiled Stud Earrings Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial T125

Do you want to make earrings using only one wire work technique? Well, let’s learn the trick with this wire jewelry tutorial from XQDesigns. What’s nice about this earring is that you can make a pair of earrings with only 2 materials and one wire work technique; copper wire, beads and a perfect coiling technique. It’s a fashionable earring that you can wear on any occasion. Plus, this earring doesn’t need any extra ear stud or ear wires.

Coiled Stud Earrings Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial T125





4. The Chameleon Ring Jewelry Making Tutorial l8

Here is a ring going around and around! You might think that it’s a hard to make, but using only circular brick stitch technique you’ll be able to create the ring in no time. With colors of light and dark greens, the ring resembles a Chameleon’s color and eyes so thanks to Rita J. Mallett who gave its name, Chameleon Ring. The tutorial is fit for intermediate students but with pictoral step by step, even beginners can follow through.

The Chameleon Ring Jewelry Making Tutorial l8





5. Crocheted Necklace with Flower Toggle Lock Pendant N4

This is a beautiful necklace comprised of 2 handcrafted pieces, the neck piece and the toggle lock. A joint project by Naz Garces and XQDesigns, the neck piece is created using simple chain crochet stitches with a flower toggle lock wrapped with crocheted thread that can be a pendant as well. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to crochet, wrap crochet and simple wire work techniques. But what’s interesting in creating this piece is the crochet wrapping technique you will learn in making the neck piece. Once you’ve learned it, you can do variations with the piece and be able to create your own designs using the crochet wrapping technique. Suited for intermediate to advance level, the tutorial will guide you how to create each piece and combine them into one necklace.

Crocheted Necklace with Flower Toggle Lock Pendant


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